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Vacant Position

Principal Cornet

If you are interested in joining the band, please contact us via the contact page. 

Paul Towle

Tutti Cornet

I have been playing in bands since I was around 12 years old. I have played for Mossley St Johns Band and Dobcross Band before joining Delph.

My familly have a long history in brass, with my dad playing euphonium and my grandad also playing the cornet. My great grandad was also heavily involved in the brass band circuit and in his memory, the best cornet player at 'Top Mossley' Whit Friday contest wins the 'Jack Towle Trophey'.

Andrew Skeldon

Tutti Cornet

I have been with the Band for more than 35 years... a lifetime having joined as a 'nipper' from the age of 7. I started in the Youth Band, progressed through the ranks and joined the Senior Band after watching them win the Nationals in London in 1980.


There have been many memorable occasions... a highlight for me was appearing as an extra in Brassed Off and attending its world premiere (in Leeds!) My claim to fame was being in a round of drinks in te Swan (in Delph) with Pete Postlethwaite, Ewan McGregor, Stephen Tomkinson and Tara Fitzgerald, to name drop a few...


By far the proudest moment in banding for me was winning the National in Harrogate. my banding ambition had always been to emulate the success of 1980 and it took a while, with a close call back in 1999 at Wembley. On to the next one now I say...

Suzie Hardy

Tutti Cornet

I started playing the cornet at the age of 7 with Delph Primary School. After a couple of years, I joined Friezland Band at the age of 9 and I stayed there for many years before leaving to go to University. After a few years break, and another short spell at Friezland, I joined Delph in 2012.

Chantelle Andrews

Tutti Cornet

I was introduced to the world of music at the age of 7 and started by playing the tenor horn. At the age of 11, my secondary school were desperate for some trumpet/cornet players and I was persuaded to turn in my tenor horn in exchange for both a trumpet and a cornet. In the following years, I spent much of my time playing for Crompton House’ and Oldham Music Centre’s Wind Band, Brass Band, Brass Ensemble, Orchestra and Swing Band. I was introduced to Delph Band and helped out in various concerts when I could. After a few years break, while I went to University and settled down to working life, I joined Delph Band fully in early 2015.

Vacant Position

Soprano Cornet

If you are interested in joining the band, please contact us via the contact page. 

Jessica Sheldon

Repiano Cornet

At the age of seven I started learning how to play cornet at Greenfield training band. I joined Delph in 2010 starting on 2nd cornet and finally being persuaded to move to Repiano last year.


My highlight with the band has to be playing on a Coronation Street episode as I am a MASSIVE fan (I just about managed to keep my cool)! I enjoy the mixture of jobs that we do from tv appearances and contests to Whit Friday (of course!)

Jessica Walford

2nd Cornet

Awaiting Biography

Vacant Position

2nd Cornet

If you are interested in joining the band, please contact us via the contact page. 

Fran Doyle

3rd Cornet

I was introduced to the world of brass in May 2011 at the tender age of 42. A casual conversation in Delph Pharmacy led to me attending rehearsal of Dobcross Brass Monkeys adult training band. I was furnished with a flugelhorn, and made my public debut six weeks later.I was hooked and started lessons with Mark. Nine months later I switched band and instrument and moved to Delph on cornet.I played my first Whit Friday in May 2012 and my first Area Contest last March. Playing in Delph Band has shown me that hard work can be great fun, and has lead to me making some great friends. 

Vacant Position

3rd Cornet

If you are interested in joining the band, please contact us via the contact page. 

Lorraine Tobin

Flugel Horn - Secretary

I started playing with Youth Band in August 1974, age 10, on cornet. I moved through the ranks and ended up on Principal cornet before being promoted to the senior band in 1976.


I played assistant Principal cornet in the senior band until we won the Nationals in 1980. The flugel player left to go to university and Phil asked me to have a go (I must have done OK as I am still there).


There have been many highlights over the years such as playing for the Commonwealth Games delegates, playing at the Duke of Westminster's palace, appearing on 'Corrie' and Brasssed Off, to name but a few. Despite all of these, the best has to be winning the Nationals, TWICE, 30 years apart.

Christine Longhurst

Solo Horn

My first instrument was the recorder and I had piano lessons from the age of 11, but always wanted to play a brass instrument.


At teacher training college I needed a second instrument so aged 18 I started to learn the trumpet and passed grade IV a year later. 


After marrying and living in Gloucestershire I joined Cirencester Silver Band and when we moved back home I played for Ashworth Band, Rochdale.


I also played in Littleborough Band and then started teaching in Todmordon and joined the Todmordon Old Band in 1989. With them I played cornet, flugel and then horn and rose from 4th section to Championship in 4 years.


With 3 children I decided to leave and joined Anderson Band, later moving to Hebden Bridge and then back to Anderson - long story!


In 2005 I heard Delph needed a solo horn and the rest is history.

Rosie Banham

1st Horn

Born into a brass-banding family, at the age of nine I started cornet lessons and joined the Hall Royd Band from Shipley, West Yorkshire, where my Dad conducted and my Mum played cornet. I soon moved onto horn and later joined the Home Charm Paints (Thornhill) Band near Dewsbury. In 1993 my husband and I moved house over the Pennines to Saddleworth where I played for six enjoyable years with Greenfield during which time I had two daughters, before joining Delph in 2000. Delph highlights include appearing in Coronation Street, Whit Fridays, three theatre productions of ‘Brassed Off’ and winning Butlins, Blackpool and the 3rd Section Nationals in 2010 with a daughter on cornet, step-son on horn and husband roped-in on tuned percussion. Outside banding I work part-time in Bradford as a Quality Manager, attend Uppermill Methodist Church and am Christian Aid secretary for Churches Together in Saddleworth.

Catherine Wilkinson

2nd Horn

I was first introduced to the world of brass when I started at Wardle High school in 1st year, aged 11.  I started with a cornet and then soon moved onto tenor horn which I preferred.  I played through all of my years at high school and the highlight was playing at the Royal Festival Hall in London.  Once I left Wardle at 16 yrs old I stopped playing.  I had a break from playing for 22 yrs!  Then my eldest son started at Wardle and was given a euphonium.  He played with Wardle for just over a  year and then started at Littleborough Training Band.  This is where I caught the brass bug again and I thought I’d have a go on a horn again…I loved it.  I joined the Training Band and then moved to Littleborough Senior Band where I stayed for just over 2 yrs. 


I have just joined Delph (March 2014) and I am looking forward to progressing and learning and getting to know a great bunch of people!

Keith Palmer

Solo Euphonium - Bandmaster - Chairman

I joined The Delph Youth Band with some reluctance in the summer of 1974 because my sisters wanted to join and it was all of us or none. We were given a choice of instruments… Cornet, Horn, Trombone or Euphonium, I chose the Euphonium.


For the first year I struggled to make the instrument sound anything like it should, both my sisters making rapid progress. The turning point was being told to put feeling into the music by my Dad who played me Elgar’s Enigma Variations, which still remains one of my favourite pieces of music.


Further inspiration came, not from a Euphonium player but from a Soprano Cornet player… the late, great, Brian Evans who played with a superb sweet tone coupled with bucket loads of emotion and expression. I have tried to emulate this in my own playing ever since first hearing him play.


I progressed to the Delph Band in 1977 and to the Solo Euphonium chair in 1978 where I have remained ever since.


Obvious contesting high points have been winning the national finals in 1980 and 2010 but I play for pleasure and being part of the Delph Band for the best part of 40 years has given me lots of that.


I couldn’t have continued banding without the support I get from my wife Linda and a special moment was having the Band play at our Wedding at Christ Church Denshaw in the Village where I was born.


I was at one stage known as “The Euphonium player with the long hair”. More recently I have been described as “The one with the expressive eyebrows”. Hopefully some of the emotion and expression is also heard in my playing.


Playing for Delph Band remains a pleasure, we have good players, a friendly atmosphere and we work as a team to produce the best, most musical performance we can under excellent Musical Direction.

Emma Townsend

2nd Euphonium - Treasurer

I have played 2nd Euphonium with Delph since 2001 (or there abouts!)


I started banding aged 13 and before joining Delph I played at Honley and Linthwaite - being from THAT side of the hill!

Alison Clayton

1st Baritone

I first learned to play the baritone at 10 years old and joined Boarshurst B Band at the age of 12. During my time with the band the highlight was playing at the National Finals at the Royal Albert Hall. I was one of the founder members of Greenfield Band where I played for over 10 years before leaving due to family commitments. I was asked to help Delph Band at Rochdale contest in 2003 and I have been helping out ever since.


My proudest achievement was winning the 3rd section at the 2010 National Finals in Harrogate. Another highlight of 2010 was playing on Coronation Street for the Christmas Eve episode.


I am also a committee member with Delph Youth Band where my son is a member. 

Kathy Tomlinson

2nd Baritone

I am 31 years old and I have played in Delph Band for 20 years, first starting in the Youth Band and then progressing to the senior band in 2000. I have played a variety of instruments from cornet to horn... and Bass(!) before settling on 2nd Baritone where I am today.


My highlight of my banding experience has to be being part of the band that won the 2010 National Finals in Harrogate.


In my professional life I am a Teaching Assistant to primary aged children and currently work in a foundation limit. In my spare time I love fitness and regularly atttend the gym, as well as watching ice hockey and going to the pub!

Anthony Vaughan

Solo Trombone

Hailing from Moorside, Oldham, I first started the trombone at the age of 7. Throughout my school years, I always placed a high priority on music and put a large percentage of my spare time into playing in as many groups as possible. 20 years later, not much has changed. 

In 2007, I accepted a place to study at the Royal Welsh Collage of Music and Drama, and moved to Cardiff. During this time, I played with a number of bands, before settling outside the banding movement with the Dave Barry Big Band. Even though I lived in Cardiff, I still kept my connections with the band in tact, commuting back for contests until in 2013, I saw sense and moved back to Moorside (or Greater Delph, as Charles likes to call it!) The move proved to be short lived as I have now moved to Wigan, but I am determined not to let this stop me from performing with the band. 

Dan Wilson

2nd Trombone

Awaiting Biography

Charles Lukoczki

Bass Trombone

Brought up in and around Delph (and Hungary) I joined Delph Youth Band (a pretty long time ago) when I was quickly smacked from cornet to trombone on account of the size of my chops. 


I progressed to the senior band and shortly after the band had become 4th section National Champtions in 1980, I had a little break from playing altogether for 24 years due to this, that and the other before having another bash with Delph. 


I am having a jolly good time with further Area and National success with the band culminating in being the lofty position of principal wardrobe master (the lure of the tape measure being too strong to resist!)

David Bamford

Eb Bass

I first started playing cornet with the Stalybridge junior band in the 1950's where my father played euphonium with the senior band. We later moved to All Souls Church Band in Ancoats in Manchester.


I stopped playing when I was about 15 until I joined the Milnrow Band in 1976. I played cornet for a few years then went onto Eb Bass. I played with them for about 10 years then joined the Delph Band in 1986.

Chris Brown

Eb Bass

I was introduced to playing the cornet at the age of 12 with the Uppermill Band and went through all the instruments until I settled on the EE flat Tuba, which I have been on ever since. From Uppermill I joined Boarshurst B Band where I spent many a year with great success. I then joined the new formed Greenfield Band for a while, before joining the Rochdale Band and competing in the Championship Section. I then rejoined Greenfield Band after Rochdale Band disbanded. I stayed with Greenfield Band for many a happy year until I decided on a break from banding for a few years before joining Delph Band in February 2017. 

Phil Shaw

Bb Bass

Being born in Mossley I was first introduced to Brass Banding as many are in the North West on Whit Fridays, when everyone used to migrate down to the Bridge Inn pub contest, it wasn’t until I got to secondary school that I got involved in bands when Mr Farrar asked pupils if they wished to play in the school band.


He made a list of instruments and asked people to put their names against the one they wished to play, being totally ignorant of what was what, I put my name against Eb Bass as no one else had. That was it, he came out with a single Eb Bass it looked huge to a 13yr old. From there it was practice during dinner breaks and after school every day as the radio Manchester Blow by Blow contest was in two weeks, we actually made the finals a few weeks later held at the Free Trade Hall.


I stayed with the school band up to the age of 18/19 progressing onto BBb Bass although I had to sit on a pile of books to reach the mouthpiece.


From there I joined Delph Band back in 1980 just after they had won the fourth section national championships, I have been a member of Delph ever since with time out now and again due to work commitments.


During my time with Delph I have had many memorable experiences and opportunities to take part in all sorts of performances, from Coronation Street to staged events of Brassed Off also Vodafone TV adverts and many prestigious events, even playing in front of the Queen due to our strong links with Black Dyke.


I have reached the National Finals on several occasions with success in 2010 when we won the Third Section Championships which I can honestly say was the highlight of my banding career.

Matt Curtis

Bb Bass

I was born Whit Friday 1976 so banding has been in my blood since day one!


I have worked locally as a reservoir keeper for Untited Utilities since 1998. I'm married and have two children, Joshua (who is a Delph tooter) and Charlotte.


I started playing aged 6 at Delph and I have played with lots of bands over the years but settled at Hade Edge for 20 years, achieving my ambition to play in the Championship section.


I am very excited to be able to join the band in my home village where it all began and look forward to many happy times with Delph Band. 

Iain Longhurst


I attended my first contest aged 5  months when my mum's band played in the 4th section National at Wembley - I don't recall it.


Mum had formed a training band in Littleborough so aged about 3 years old I used to go along and bang a tambourine. I attempted to learn cornet at primary school but always showed a preference to percussion, featuring on a Hebden Bridge Band CD in 2002 on snare drum.


I had lessons at Rochdale Music Service and played in the Rochdale Concert Orchestra and played at the Royal Albert Hall when they were part of the Schools Proms in 2008.


I was in Delph Youth Band for a while and then from there joined the senior band (when they were desperate!)

Vacant Position


If you are interested in joining the band, please contact us via the contact page. 

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